SL60-P Biomag Solenoid 60cm

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*Please note -  this is not a stand-alone device and this applicator requires the BioMag Lumina Control Unit (Not Included)

Flat bottom solenoid applicator for Biomag pulsed magnetic therapy devices

Applicator dimensions: diameter 600 mm, depth 340 mm, weight 12.2 kg

Solenoid-type Biomag magnetic therapy applicators

Solenoid-type Biomag magnetic therapy applicators have a homogeneous magnetic field. They are used when we need a uniform effect from the magnetic field, and when deep penetration into the tissue is required (e.g. joints of limbs). A further increase in the effects of the solenoids can be achieved by using solenoids labelled 3D (i.e. solenoids in which Biomag® proprietary technology is used). For all applicators, the range of the pulsed magnetic field can be checked using the Biomag® tester.