emField Pro high intensity PEMF therapy device now available from NewMed!

NewMed are proud to announce that they have added a new high intensity Pulsed Electromagnetic (PEMF) therapy device to their range.

The emField Pro PEMF device is a new standard in effective pain reducing therapies aimed at health and sports professionals. It generates a magnetic field of 3 Tesla, which is about 600 times stronger than a normal magnet bar. This strong magnetic field stimulates nerve cells, muscles, and blood vessels consequently.

Managing Director Andy Smith says ‘we are very excited about the launch of this innovative PEMF device into the UK, and can’t wait for health professionals to experience the power of high intensity PEMF in their practice.’

If you are interested in this PEMF device you can request an information pack (here) or trial by contacting NewMed professionals on 0808 1689 282.


Zimmer EmFieldPro